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Grievance Forms

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Grievance Forms and Grievance Form Templates

The Internet Grievance System (IGS) keeps an online electronic record of your grievances.  You simply dial into the system, enter a new grievance or search your existing database and update the record.  You can update Steps 1 through Arbitration, you can upload documents, you can input timeline events, you can even create custom fields to easily track the exact data you need.  However, there is often need for a "Print" form or in other words a Grievance Form.  The IGS is equipt with such a form that can even be customized around your organization.  It will have your logo and it will include all information relevant to each grievance.  You can save this IGS form, you can convert it to PDF, you can incorporate a signature/date line or you can simply leave the grievance forms residing in your IGS database online to create a more paperless office.  Again, this is simply an example grievance form that can be generated by the IGS online grievance tracking software; click below to see the IGS Grievance Form.

IGS Grievance Form

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