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The IGS is the leading provider of grievance software for labor and management, and was the FIRST grievance software online!  Since 1998, IGS has provided the most reliable, cloud-based grievance tracking system for users in the US and Canada.  The IGS serves over 400 clients with thousands of users from Teamsters to Southwest Airlines.  You can trust IGS to automate your union or labor relations grievance procedure!

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Clients Say...
"This IGS is the most advanced system this union has ever seen and everyone in our office and our membership of eighteen thousand are very happy that we have this system.  It has helped us to keep track of our filing of grievances and alerts us when we need to appeal to the next step in the grievance / disciplinary process.  We no longer have to pull a file to find out when a grievance was filed and or a disciplinary case needs to be addressed.  Thank you Justin and your staff for this great system IGS."  - Lloyd Permaul, VP, Grievances and Legal Services, SSEU Local 371
"The transition to IGS has been smooth and extremely beneficial to our executive team.  Within days of having IGS our grievance team benefited from remote document accessibility.  It has already saved us in time and money with our labor lawyers.  No more copying files, physically driving documents to locations, and incurring courier expenses.  As a result, our members receive faster and efficient service from their union representatives.  In summary, IGS improved our communications in-house and with our lawyers. As for system support, Justin Cecil and his team have been extremely responsive, supportive, and understanding of our needs." - Matthew Lopez, Grievance Director, IAFF Local 2068
"I'm really glad we found you!  The staff really love this product!" - Kelly D. Trautner, Deputy Executive Officer, Labor Relations, Ohio Nurses Association

♦Why choose the IGS over other grievance software?  The IGS was the first web-based grievance software available and has stood the test of time since 1998.  The IGS team utilizes the expertise and advice from labor officials to continually make the system stronger.  After researching other systems, organizations continue to return to the IGS team.  They tell us "your grievance software is the easiest system out there, yet still does everything we need".

♦What is the IGS?  The IGS is the Internet Grievance System and is a web-based grievance software application used by labor union officials and management of unionized organizations.  The IGS allows you to keep track of grievances without the headache of maintaining hardware or software.  The IGS team takes care of it all for you, and your grievances will be accessible from anywhere online through our proven hosted environment.

♦Web-based Hosted Grievance Software.  Your IGS can be operational within 24 hours and is hosted online which will ultimately save your organization time and money in development costs.  The IGS team also provides custom built grievance applications hosted by us or on your own in-house servers.  Call us at 800-213-1974 to find out more.

♦ Secure Grievance Software.  The IGS is maintained in a server-managed, state-of-the-art data center.  Your grievance data along with all your uploaded documents are backed-up twice daily.  In 13+ years of operation, the IGS has a 100% data retention rate, which simply means we have never lost any clients' data!

♦Customized Grievance Software.  The IGS can integrate with your current grievance meeting steps.  Your union's own custom logo is placed on your IGS.  Custom fields and drop-down menus can be built to capture exactly what you need.  And you can query all this data to run custom reports and research.  This database technology will integrate around virtually any organization and you don't pay for or spend time on services you don't need.      

♦Simplified Grievance Software.  Local unions and labor management specialists were the design force behind the IGS.  They agreed that software today is too complex for most users.  Therefore, the IGS was built to be extremely simple to learn, and even the novice computer user can quickly catch on to this point-and-click system.

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  • Access your IGS from home, work, cell phone or while traveling via the web.

  • No need to install hardware/software as we take care of all that for you then just "hand you the keys" to login.

  • Back up all those crucial grievance documents that are easily misplaced in filing cabinets.

  • Don't pay for or spend time on services you don't need.

  • Use your IGS search/reporting tool to see how previous cases were settled under similar contracts/articles.

  • Track grievances from Step 1 through Arbitration.

  • You have personal access to our IGS team as a coach and support for advice on how to best utilize your IGS.

  • User guide with instant access to 37 pages of exact how-to advice, screenshots and step-by-step "fill in the blanks" approach to your IGS.

  • Go completely paperless by using the IGS Print Form as an official grievance document.

  • Give multiple users access to the IGS at the same time, no matter where they are.

A portion of the over 500,000 individuals tracked with the IGS are members of organzations from:

AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees)
ANA (American Nurses Association)

APWU (American Postal Workers Union)

IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters)

AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees)

NEA (National Education Association)

SSEU (Social Service Employees Union)

Teamsters (International Brotherhood of Teamsters)

TWU (Transportation Workers Union of America)

UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers)

SWAPA (Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association)

SPFPA (Security, Police, Fire Professionals of America)

ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union)

AFT (American Federation of Teachers) 

CWA (Communication Workers of America)

IFPE (Illinois Federation of Public Employees)

IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)

PBA (Policeman's Benevolent Association)

NFFE (National Federation of Federal Employees)

USCSO (US Court Security Officers Union)

SEIU (Service Employees' International Union)

Campbell Soup (Campbell Soup Corporation)

MSEA (Michigan State Employees' Association)

More from Local 371...

"The email alerts within the IGS is one of the best tools ever.  The fact that our members wait for a very long time to appeal their case to the next step, email alerts helps the grievance representative contact the member and alerts them that we need to proceed to the next step." - SSEU Local 371.

Did you know?

  • The IGS can be delivered as a turn-key hosted solution or installed and supported at your site!
  • Your IGS hosted solution can be operational within 24 hours!
  • The IGS is 100% American developed, owned and operated!

More Testimonials from Our Amazing Clients: 
"The IGS grievance software is streamlined and has made doing business at the local easier.  This is web-based software to input, track, and deliver grievances.   Our stewards are now filing grievances from virtually anywhere they are located.  No need to call in the union hall to get a grievance number or file, the stewards are able to obtain grievance numbers and information online.  When searching for similar grievances or all grievances that were filed on a particular manager; it is as simple as point and click.  With officers being very mobile these days, having the ability to track grievances online allows any officer the flexibility of being away from the union hall and taking care of business on the road.  IGS customer service has been more then helpful in customizing our online grievance format to meet the needs of our local.  Justin Cecil and crew understand the sense of urgency needed by our local and he gets the job done.  We highly recommend this online grievance software!" - CWA Local President

"I can attest that the IGS is extremely efficient and has streamlined our organizing and workload.  I do not have to spend countless hours with configurations.  It is VERY USER FRIENDLY.  The IGS staff provide outstanding customer service to our association."  - Staff, Illinois Nurses Association

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