Track any grievance, 10x faster

We help labor unions, HR departments and grievance reps streamline and manage the grievance procedure from Step 1 through settlement 10x faster

Trusted by 700+ Organizations
- Simple Search/Reporting
- Cloud based & Mobile Access from Anywhere
- Customizable Fields
- Multiple User Types
- 24 Hour Release Time
- Collective Bargaining Agreement Upload/Edit
- Grievance & Case Document Upload/Storage
- Continuous Backups

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Grievance Data

Sometimes you need to look far to see close. Our experts help you make sense of your grievance data.

Data Infrastructure & Engineering

It's not enough to have data, you also need to have the right tools to manage it day-to-day.

Grievance Data Analytics

From in-house training to tailored custom search, we offer a wide range of data analysis services to help you run the best reports for your grievance history.

Data Visualization

In order to make informed decisions, you need to understand your data. The reports ran within your system are simple table reports that can exported to spreadsheet.

Our approach


Business Challenge Review

We help you realize the biggest challenges you're facing.


Sandbox Test Environment

We will set up a test (sandbox) system for you to try out with your team


Live Demo

We dive into a live demo, and aim to understand the underlying why.


Live Deployment

Implementation may happen within 24 hours on our hosted platform or may be built in phases for dedicated system applications

How will you benefit?

Understanding the overarching trends of your grievance data and access to a database of past grievance cases that are searchable saves you time, money and energy in the long run. This will help you best server your members/employees and entire team of grievance/labor representatives.

Member / Employee Insights
Increased efficiency
Process automation
Data-driven innovation
Reduced costs
Historical/Archive information

We’ve helped them

We've partnered with many household brand names to deliver insights and solutions to their problems with grievance and case management.

Happy clients

Don't just take our word for it – our clients frequently stay in touch with us and work with us on future projects that require any type of simplified case tracking and management from healthcare to memberships and internal job bidding.

Matthew L., Grievance Director, IAFF

"The transition to IGS has been smooth and extremely beneficial to our executive team. Within days of having IGS our grievance team benefited from remote document accessibility. It has already saved us in time and money with our labor lawyers. No more copying files, physically driving documents to locations, and incurring courier expenses. As a result, our members receive faster and efficient service from their union representatives. In summary, IGS improved our communications in-house and with our lawyers. As for system support, Justin Cecil and his team have been extremely responsive, supportive, and understanding of our needs." -

Lloyd P., SSEU

This IGS is the most advanced system this union has ever seen and everyone in our office and our membership of eighteen thousand are very happy that we have this system. It has helped us to keep track of our filing of grievances and alerts us when we need to appeal to the next step in the grievance / disciplinary process. We no longer have to pull a file to find out when a grievance was filed and or a disciplinary case needs to be addressed. Thank you Justin and your staff for this great system IGS.